(Park View)

9:30 Pre-schoolers

10:15 5-8 years

11:00 Stardance (8-10 years)

11:45 Juvenile Musical Theatre

12:30 Bronze Ballroom

1:00 Bronze & Silver Rock'N'Roll

1:30 Silver & Gold Ballroom

2:00 Gold+ Rock'N'Roll

2:30 Gold Bar+ Ballroom

3:00 Gold+ Latin £3

If you are unsure of what medal grade you are, please contact me as I have all the records.

Now here's where it could get confusing...

On the 9th Septmeber we will be offering 3 x private lessons at the following times 3:00, 3.30 & 4:00. These need to be booked with Janine on a first come first served basis.

When we return on the 9th, we will be handing out your show sheets. This will be very exciting and this will inform you of which numbers you have been allocated to. So from the 16th at 3:00 there will be 3 x private lessons and 3:30 to 4:30 there will be a show rehearsal. This info will be sent in a separate email.

With so many Rosettes and star dancers qualifying for Blackpool, we have decided to make changes in how we train them. From October they will have their own separate class at 3:00 to 3.30 alternating so 7th October IS ALL STARDANCE and 14th October ALL ROSETTES. This will keep alternating till Blackpool. We have decided to do this so private lessons remain for all couples events and partners should be available to assist in the classes as they need guidance too. October will still have private lessons available 3.30 to 4 and a show rehearsal 4 to 4.45.
I will keep you updated nearer the time.

(Brookvale Village Hall)

Adult Ballroom & Latin


(Park View)

5:15 10 & Under Street with Moo £3

6:00 U14 Street with Moo £3