Have ou got some old dancing shoes that you need to sell? Have you grown out of your dance outfits & want to make a few extra pennies from them?
Then fbay is the perfect place for you.

For just 50p you can put your item up for the Footsteps dance school under 2 sections "Dancing items" and "General Items"
This is for any potential new pupils who may be looking to pick up some stuff or anyone just looking for a bargain.

Just simply email chriss2dale@hotmail.com with a photo of your item, header, a brief description, your email address & the price you wish to sell it at.
There is a limit of 10 items per person

Please remove any 2nd hand outfits from the back room as this will now be the source for you to seel any of your old dance outfits & shoes.

Example of how your listing will look:          
xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx

xx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx x xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx